Thursday, June 07, 2007


Ahhhh, the wonders of the Internet, while you are surfing our site checking out all the cool stuff there is to do in the Bruce, feel free to ask me questions along the way! You can chat with me anytime by returning to the homepage and clicking on the link with the ? on it!

I can help you plan your trip with things to do from the Tip of the Bruce in Tobermory to the bottom of the coastline at Point Clark and all the great destinations in between! We have info on the Bruce Trail, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, paddling, scuba diving, fishing, golfing, motorcycling, beaches, shopping and so much more.

Don’t forget our self-guided tours we offer for lighthouses & gardens. There is something for everyone in your group to explore and enjoy on the Bruce!

Your adventure starts now…

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