Friday, July 27, 2007

Caving and Spelunking in Ontario

If you are looking for some great outdoor adventure on the Bruce this weekend, why not go Ontario Caving? The Bruce County area is home to many caves and caverns, to name a few, try Bruce's Caves just outside of Wiarton on Grey Rd 1.

Bruce's Caves Conservation Area derives its greatest significance from the unique cave formations found along the escarpment face. These caves were formed by the wave action of post-glacial Lake Algonquin, 7,000 to 8,000 years ago.

Also, check out Greig's Caves (see image), take Hwy 6 north of Wiarton to County Rd 9, take County Rd 9 to Scenic Caves Rd and then turn onto Rush Cove Rd and follow the signs. At Greig's Caves you can also enjoy breathtaking views from area Georgian Bay cottages as you walk along the pathway on top of the caves. There are many rare wildflowers and ferns to see, and lots of tunnels and caverns to explore. There are 12 natural limestone caves along a half mile trail 300 feet above Georgian Bay. Part of the movie Quest For Fire was filimed here in the 80's.

Head down country to 1 of the prettiest towns in Ontario Neustadt! There you can tour Neustadt Springs Brewery's famous underground caverns and even shop for some of the best micro brewed beer in the land.


Anonymous said...

Greig's Caves are currently closed - some family dispute I was told. 7/31/08

Anonymous said...

couild you possibly (the blog author be more specific) whether the caves are on the Rush cove road or ont he Scenic Cave road.
also the last comment was psoted in 2008. Are the Caves accessible by visitng tourists?
I am leaving for Bruce peninsular tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Greigs Caves will reopening MAY 2011. New web page at on google I was told 2/18/11