Friday, October 17, 2008

Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport

Autumn is in full swing, and the Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport runs till December 6th, so there is still lots of time to get there and Explore the Bruce and take in the contest.
We have 12 boxes throughout the County with some twists this year. There are a few detours along the way.
Don't forget if you see our Explore the Bruce Walkerton Toyota Adventure Tundra on the road or down by the Bay in Wiarton at our office, make sure we give you your FREE punch!
There is still lots of fall colour so it is a perfect time of the year to check out some of the very cool hiking locations on the Adventure Passport, as the views are spectacular anytime of the year, but especially at this time!

So layer up and spend a day or two getting the 7 required punched, or spend a few weekends getting all 13...(with the bonus punch!) For your chance at the full completion prize pack.

It's October 17th, you still have 50 more sleep to get er done...

Good luck!

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