Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hiking on the Bruce Peninsula - Jones Bluff, Oct 2009

With a weekend predicting overcast, rain and potential flurries, it was important to take advantage of the mild temperatures and sun. A last minute hike in the late afternoon was an adventure and race against nightfall.

Quiet roads, relaxed atmosphere and easily located- Jones Bluff is an amazing hike of natural woodland landscape and scenic vistas over Georgian Bay.

The high expectation of fall colour was surpassed when completing the 7 km Bruce Trail loop in just 2 ½ hours. With a moderate pace along uneven ground, we stopped at every opening along the trail to take in the scenic views of the Niagara Escarpment.

The Bruce Trail twists and turns, across crevasses and lively ferns with the first view of white limestone escarpment jutting in the air, and a sea of colour in the valley below, offering an abundance of, neon yellow, burnt orange and greens, with the arrival of vibrant reds in the distance.

We persevere, watching our foot placement along the path of padded leaves. At a rock over hang the wind whips across the bluff and in the distance Georgian Bay is as calm as glass. We sat beneath a large maple tree to take in the view, a great photo opportunity of untouched escarpment along Georgian Bay.

The Bruce Trail meanders north providing a panoramic view of large inlets, rural community, islands, and the white base of escarpment covered in autumn colours.

The combination of water, escarpment, and colour encompasses the perfect fall hike along the Georgian Bay shoreline on the Bruce Peninsula.

Does anyone have any stories or questions about the Bruce Trail? Please let me know, I am very interested in your experiences!

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To do this hike, we recommend getting a Bruce Trail Conservancy book as there is a lot of details to know for safety precautions. Check here for the latest version:

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