Friday, October 01, 2010

Pumpkinfest 2010 - Port Elgin top Ontario event!

Looking for world record excitement? Wondering how big a GIANT pumpkin can really get? Then head over to Port Elgin for Pumpkinfest 2010 on October 2nd and 3rd and experience one of Ontario’s truly unique events.

Pumpkinfest has been around now for over two decades. The winner of numerous awards for Ontario’s best festival, it features two giant vegetable weigh offs, one of Ontario’s largest two day outdoor car shows and over 100 craft and marketplace vendors.

There is much to see and do at Pumpkinfest including a seed spitting contest, master carvers working on giant pumpkins, a Patches’ Pumpkin Zone, and a pumpkin baking competition. New for 2010 are a gladiator joust, a Velcro climbing wall, a bungie run and a sumo battle.

But the star of the show takes place at the Bruce Power Weigh-Off Tent on both Saturday and Sunday. Port Elgin’s Pumpkinfest is one of more than 30 sites around the world that compete in the International Weigh Off. The top grower at Port Elgin walk away with $5,000 and the chance to be named “Top Grower in the World.”

Weigh off competitions for giant pumpkins have been a popular fall festival activity for decades. But it wasn’t until Howard Dill of Nova Scotia broke the record for the largest pumpkin in 1981 with one near 500 pounds (226.80 kilograms) that pumpkins really began to grow larger and larger.

Today, Dill is credited for most of the giant pumpkins being grown today, most of which result from crossing and re-crossing his patented seed with other varieties. The current world record holder is Christy Harp’s 1,725 pound (782 kilograms) Atlantic giant pumpkin that won last year’s Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Grower’s annual weigh off. But maybe, just maybe an entry at Pumpkinfest 2010 may win it all.

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