Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas - Paisley Local Artisan Sale

paisley art saleBy Our Hands is a one-of-a-kind sale by 40 local artisans who specifically have created items that will appeal to all ages and are unique. The show, which is now on in Paisley until December 24th, includes works in wood, glass, metal, knitting, weaving, hooking, jewelery, candles, quilting, cards and much more. Great gift ideas at great prices for Christmas or any time of the year. And when you are finished shopping, take a look at Paisely.

paisley christmas art salePaisley, the town at the confluence of the Saugeen River and the Teeswater, was named for a town near Glasgow, Scotland. During the winter of 1850, 160 years ago, Simon Orchard, wishing to relocate, moved his family and household effects to Walkerton. The following spring as the river rose, he built a substantial raft of cedar logs, placed his family and goods on it and floated down the Saugeen River in search of a new homestead.

paisley canoeing saugeen riverThe Orchards stopped the first night at the junction of two rivers. The next morning, after having taken a look around, they decided that it was there they wished to settle. Three weeks later, Samuel Rowe, Simon’s brother-in-law, followed his route using two large rafts. Samuel and his family settled on the south bank of the Teeswater River, opposite Simon.

By 1852, John Valentine’s sawmill, Paisley’s first industry, was supplying settlers with building material. Samuel Rowe’s log house served both as a tavern for travelers and as a meeting house for various denominations. And then in 1872, a railway arrived in Paisleyand the town began to grow.

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